Dr. Raul Ramirez

 Head Physician

Dr. Ramirez received a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA where he became a nationally certified personal trainer for UCLA’s Recreation Department.  While there, he discovered the benefits of Eastern Medicine during a trip to China.

After graduating and driven by a passion to help others, Dr. Ramirez earned a Master’s of Science degree at SAMRA University of Oriental Medicne.  At SAMRA Dr. Ramirez elected to take advanced training in Korean Sasang Therapy with master Dr. Hong, Korean Four Needle Technique (Saam Acupuncture), Master Dong’s Acupuncture with master Dr. Choo, Tui-na (Medical Massage) and orthopedics at Cedars Sinai Hospital.  He also became one of the inaugural members of the Association of International Saam Acupuncture.

Dr. Ramirez also completed the Clinical Observation and Discussion Program in Seoul, South Korea at prestigious, Kyung Hee University.  While in Korea, he toured a variety of Eastern Medical Hospitals and research centers and had the opportunity to meet and have dialog with the heads of the national research center, east west cancer hospital, obesity hospitals, neuromuscular specialty hospital, along with famous traditional healers.

Dr. Ramirez also studied with acupuncture master and author of Ling Shu Acupunture,  Zhao Wang.  

With an emphasis on the study of the classic medical texts Dr. Ramirez translated most of the first Acupuncture textbook, Huang Di Nei Jing and later wrote a dissertation on the treatment of inflammatory disorders using the ancient protocols described therein.  This work earned him a Ph.D. in Eastern Medicine.

Dr. Ramirez is also a supporter and member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

9:30AM - 6PM T-F  (310) 930-6046


What We Do

Eastern Medicine Practiced the Original, Proper, and Most Effective Way

The Nei Jing is the authoritative text of Acupuncture. It contains thousands of years of history behind its gentle and effective techniques. Unfortunately, modern medical texts quote from this book, but then stray from the original techniques and protocols. Therefore, these techniques are rarely used today.

The Nei Jing teaches repeatable and objective diagnostic techniques that show the true condition of the body. Treating patients in a proper, safe and effective way requires that the acupuncturist study and understand the principals taught in the Nei Jing.